Australian Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship

WIDPSC Australian Results


World Champion Persuasive Speaking 2017 - Jacqueline Farrell

Runner Up  Interpretive Reading - Thomas Maxwell

Fourth in Debate - Jade Lin

Top 10

Eleanor Lawton-Wade (Placed 5th Overall)

Top 20 

Isabella Gerardi (Placed 15th Overall)

Laura Lambert (Placed 16th Overall) 

Jacqueline Farrell (Placed 18th Overall)

Hye Rin (Lina) Cho (Placed 18th Overall)


Top 50

Niamh Nolan (Placed 29th Overall)

Maxwell Thomas (Placed 31st Overall) 

Kelsey Lu (Placed 40th Overall) 

Samuel Chilcott (Placed 44th Overall)

Jade Lin (Placed 48th Overall)

Stephanie Jones (Placed 50th Overall) 


World Champion Interpretive Reading 2016 - Nicole Sung


Top 20 

Nicole Sung (Placed 11th Overall)

Caitlin O'Meara (Placed 19th Overall) 


Top 50

Annelise McCarthy (Placed 26th Overall)

Alexander Leptos (Placed 30th Overall) 

Luke Macaronas (Placed 34th Overall) 

Thomas Graham (Placed 36th Overall)

Jacqueline Farrell (Placed 38th Overall)

Tavis Bancroft (Placed 42nd Overall) 


World Champion Impromptu 2015 - Anant Butala

Runner Up Persuasive Speaking - Natasha Noore


Top 10

Natasha Noore (Placed 4th Overall)


Top 20 

Laura Batchelor-Sharp (Placed 13th Overall)

Kate Garrow (Placed 18th Overall) 

Luke Macaronas (Placed 18th Overall) 


Top 50

Ellina Woodgate (Placed 25th Overall)

Anant Butala (Placed 32nd Overall) 

Lisa Farrell (Placed 38th Overall) 

Jessie Horder-Geraghty (Placed 49th Overall)  



World Champion Debate 2014 - Christopher Skliros

Runner Up Impromptu Speaking - Christopher Skliros

Runner Up Persuasive Speaking - Christopher Skliros


Top 10

Christopher Skliros (Placed 7th Overall)


Top 20 

Kate Garrow (Placed 14th Overall)

Liam Fitzpatrick (Placed 16th Overall)


Top 50

Kai Liepins (Placed 29th Overall)

Anant Butala (Placed 42nd Overall) 

Laura Batchelor-Sharp (Placed 43rd Overall) 

Michelle Lee (Placed 48th Overall) 



World Champion After Dinner Speaking 2013 - Emily Leijer

Runner Up After Dinner Speaking 2013 - Raja Noureddine


Top 10

Raja Noureddine (Placed 6th Overall)


Top 20 

Katie McAllister (Placed 19th Overall)


Top 50

Christopher Skliros (Placed 26th Overall)

Emily Leijer (Placed 46th Overall) 

Emma Henke (Placed 49th Overall) 



World Champion After Dinner Speaking 2012 - Neil Kemister


Top 50

Alexandra Farrell (Placed 21st Overall)

Neil Kemister (Placed 30th Overall)

Mikaela Brusasco (Placed 31st Overall)

Emma Henke (Placed 32nd Overall)

Matthew Jarrett (Placed 38th Overall)

Samantha Tauber (Placed 41st Overall)

Ankita Bellary (Placed 43rd Overall)


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Top 10

Jacob Rodrigo (Placed 8th Overall)

Hope Williams (Placed 10th Overall)

Top 50

Ben Ditchfield (Placed 38th Overall)

Alice Zhou (Placed 43rd Overall)




There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject, then to get your subject into yourself, and lastly, to get your subject into the heart of your audience.

- Alexander Gregg


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